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Why I Recommend ‘GoodDo – The Vegan Kiosk’

For those who don’t know, GoodDO – The Vegan Kiosk is India’s first 100% vegan fast-food chain outlet. Last night (11Oct2019), I got the chance to go and eat at one of their outlets located in Mumbai – just 3 minutes walk from The Gateway of India, behind the iconic Taj Hotel.

I just went in with an open mind, neither expecting anything good nor bad. But once I entered in, looked at the menu and tasted the food – I was blown-away! Food was just amazing!!!

At the Good DO Kiosk, Colaba, Mumbai (behind the iconic Taj Hotel.)

For me, to actively promote any vegan restaurant to common people, I made myself a rule (or) criteria which a vegan restaurant must fulfil:
1. Food should be tasty.
2. Food should be affordable.

Lo and behold! GoodDot has fulfilled both the criteria and has proved that vegan food can taste as good or even better than non-vegan food and at the same time remain affordable as well.

The prices are very much affordable and highly competitive and cheaper than non-vegan counterparts. Food is delicious and tastes like real meat and dairy.

Now you might ask “Why to make food taste like meat or dairy?
The reason is simple – most people to whom I (or anyone who) advocate animal rights, will often get asked: “But I cannot live without the taste of meat; I can quit animal products except cheese; etc. etc.” Hence to make the vegan transition easier for them, these vegan alternatives are very much helpful in alleviating animal suffering and encouraging others to go vegan.

The Fried Crispies Gurber (burger) that I had tasted exactly like the chicken burger I used to eat 10 years ago. Then I had Fried Crispies and Desi Curry Bowl all taste very good and it’s cruelty-free.

I personally neither crave nor desire for meat, however, I will definitely support a company that helps in saving animals through serving vegan food.

In their own words, they say:
“The mission of GoodDO is to serve delicious, cruelty-free food.”

Menu of GoodDO
(The franchise & the logo was given after the rescued goat ‘Gooddo’ by one of the founders)

Go, enjoy the cruelty-free food that is both delicious and priced very reasonably; and take your friends and family with you. You will not regret.

PS: The good news is GoodDo is soon launching vegan ice-creams in their menu along with expanding their franchise to other parts of Mumbai and India.

As of now, GoodDo is located only in Mumbai, Jaipur and Udaipur. You can locate their stores here

I wish the GoodDo team success and all the best!

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